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Scúru Fitchádu (“Deep Dark” in Cape Verdean Creole) is Sette Sujidade's solo project, a blood child of Fogo island, Cape Verde. The project emerged at the end of 2015, in Almada, Portugal. Direct influences from Tricky, The Prodigy, Ratos do Porão, Sex Pistols or Tom Waits live alongside traditional funaná heavyweights such as Bitori Nha Bibinha, Codé di Dona or Tchota Suari. The funaná rhythms from the interior of Santiago island have been a major influence on Scúru Fitchádu's musical direction, always seasoned with the rawness of punk's distortion and the dissonance of electronic music, creating thus a unique space in the music scene. A regular diet of funaná, bass music, hardcore punk or metal have met naturally in this sound, and it was these very years of searching that shaped this project. The sound of the concertina and traditional iron are thus blended with the fast-paced bpms enveloped in a mist of distortion. The first EP, self-titled “Scúru Fitchádu”, was released on 5 July 2016. The aesthetics and language of punk points the way! Free of obstacles, pretensions or formats. Do it muthafucking yourself! It's on!