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Immersed in Lisbon's culture since first arriving from Brazil. Proof of competence is affirmed in recurring DJ sets in reference clubs in Lisbon or Porto, but also through contributions that intersected names such as Sango (Soulection), Total Freedom (Fade to Mind/ Ghe20g0th1k), Tommy Genesis (Awful Records) or Branko (Enchufada). The selections demonstrate the skills learned through reggae and hip hop and include rhythm and word which is emergent, elegant and free of constraints. The recent work done in the curatorship of parties and line-ups brought collaborations with DJs and authors that served this purpose of uniting and diversifying, something already explicit in the work developed as a DJ. The recognition and feedback has already drawn lines that cross Lisbon, Paris, Curitiba and Sao Paulo, and received reactions which confirm the taste for selecting like nobody else and mixing like few do.