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I have been doing my work on radio, music, video and dance under the name Batida. Punk and Hip Hop movements make part of my growth and have always been inspirations as they embrace many art forms and act on everyday issues and spaces.
In the two previous Iminentes, I presented The Almost Perfect Dj as part of the music acts. Now I have the opportunity to be initiated as part of the art acts tribe d;^/
I am bringing my own and only space. I call it: "The Stolen Container". May be an attempt to fill in memory gaps. But not limited to. It features (at least): one Instagram "Beauty Dish" Spot, An African Model for € 152, "The Smallest Radio in Town" (Limited to the time and space of the Festival on 88.4FM) and a Shit Demon. This way I can stay home. Rested.