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Obey (1974) is one of the pioneers of graffiti in Portugal, and one of the most respected and venerated writers of the Lisbon scene. Celebrated for the originality and vitality of the forms and letters with which he conquered the city, he is one of those who contributed the most towards the expansion of the more hard-core form of graffiti, held as a meaningful reference for successive generations of writers. An avid skateboarder, he started tagging in the early 1990s and founded the legendary PRM crew with fellow pioneer Wize in 1992, whose members would be the first to spread graffiti around Portugal. In 1996, after using many other names, he started writing Obey, inspired by the slogan present in John Carpenter's film “They Live”. He devoted years of hard work to drawing, creating original forms, blazing a new trail, losing nights and days in the streets on missions to imprint the city with his name and style. His letters reflect the size, the form and structure, the presence of his person. They equally reflect his multicultural background and the unique dimension of Lisbon.