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Recent years have seen Draw (1988) emerge as one of Portugal's most promising urban artists. With a Master's degree in Architecture and a career as a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture in Porto, his street work has been exploring the depths and dimensions of portraiture and the relationship between people and spaces, materialised in large-scale studies on the vitality and expressiveness of the human face. His original multilayered technique rendered in vibrant, monochromatic sketch-like strokes expertly conveys the fundamentals of the human condition. He has participated in a wide range of exhibitions and art festivals since 2006.


The work of Contra (1984) is rooted in different areas that range from graffiti to conceptual art. In a mostly analog process, these areas culminate in a visual smorgasbord that reflects his experiences and thoughts. At the basis of his work lies a constant search for creativity, which is reflected in the development and evolution of his compositions. He is an integral member and founder of the Colectivo RUA.